Gorilla Glass screen : What is it ?

All our COWORKER rugged tablets are equipped with a Gorilla Glass touch screen, which is known to be the strongest and thinnest reinforced touch screen on the market. It is characterized by important properties of solidity which confer a great resistance to falls and shocks, as well as for its resistance to scratches.

Tempered glass : what is it, and what is its use ?

Before explaining, it is important to note that many of our COWORKER rugged tablets are equipped with tempered glass (which is available in glossy or matte finish) to make their screen more resistant.

A tempered glass, thanks to its design, can overcome most of the problems that the screen of your rugged tablet could face :

– It protects your screen from micro-scratches or rubbing that can be caused by the daily use of your rugged tablet.

– A screen has an oleo phobic coating, limiting the adhesion of prints on it. But with daily use, this coating dissipates. Tempered glass also has this same coating. As a result, this coating wears out and loses its effectiveness, it becomes more interesting and less expensive to change the tempered glass than the screen.

– It also limits the risk of breakage in case of drops or shocks on the screen of the hardened tablet.

Ultimately, tempered glass helps preserve your screen over the long term.

The value of adopting tempered glass on your rugged tablet, also lies in the fact that in the event of falls or shocks, too important of your industrial tablet. The tempered glass will absorb the shock first.


Therefore, in case of a major crack or scratch, it will be easier to replace your tempered glass than the screen of your tablet.

So adding tempered glass to your industrial tablet screen is a practical as it is economical.

Our matte finish solutions : Matte protective film or matte tempered glass

In order to modulate your industrial digital tablet to your desires, YATOO offers you a matte solution for the screen of your material. This solution can be implemented to meet a preference or a need, depending on the individual. At YATOO, you have the choice, that’s why : our matte solution is available both as tempered glass and as a film.

What is it, the protective film ?

Matte film or matte tempered glass are screen finishes that allow almost no reflection. This is in contrast to a glossy screen that lets some through and thus reduces the readability of the screen in certain conditions.

Where did the idea come from ?

The idea of offering a matte filter for sale initially came from an end customer’s need. Indeed, the customer was looking for a solution to allow him to reduce as much as possible the reflections present on his hardened tablet. In order to meet this need and to offer its customers more customized products, COWORKER is now offering for sale its matte film to accompany your industrial tablet and to create a real response to existing needs in the field.

When should I add a matte film to my industrial tablet screen ?

If the reflections of your glossy screen hurt your eyes or bother you, there is no need to “force” yourself at the risk of damaging your eyesight. Opt for a solution that can bring you a significant visual comfort by reducing light overexposure : our matte film to dress up the screen of industrial tablets.

To learn more about the level of resistance of our devices, read our blog post on the MIL STD 810G certified standard :