What is a medical ruggedized tablet ? Why is it right for you?

A ruggedized digital tablet that meets the specific needs of the healthcare sector to which a conventional tablet would not respond. It is recognizable notably by its physical aspect as well as by some of its technical characteristics which are very specific to it.

It is important to specify that this type of rugged tablet meets higher requirements in terms of hygienic standards, thus allowing it to be present at the heart of the business close to the patients. The design of this industrial tablet allows it to withstand drops from 1.2 meters and all types of shocks.

Why the medical tablet does it stand out of other industrial tablets ?

COWORKER has developed the medical rugged tablet, CW-H10, to meet the specific needs of the health professions on the terrain and facilitate real-time tracking of patient records. The coworker medical rugged tablet is located in a mind-range, with just the right features, that’s why it has an excellent quality/price ratio. To day, it is already qualified and used in many hospitals in France and abroad.

The chassis of the rugged tablet is fully anti-microbial treated, which makes it more difficult for pathogens to adhere to the surface, it is also fanless, which avoids any propagation of dust in the air without limiting the cooling of its components within it.

In addition, the CW-H10 industrial tablet is IP which makes it completely disinfectable (by hydro alcoholic solution, by disinfecting wipes, by UVC treatment…). Thus, it is a work tool designed to be brought as close as possible to the patients. It has a carrying handle to make both its use and its transport more practical than on the traditional industrial tablets. Its touch screen is compatible with all types of medical gloves (latex, surgical…).

To be connected in real time with what’s going on the terrain, the CW-H10 has a hot-swappable battery as well as an autonomous battery for up to 8 hours.

It is important to specify that its dimensions are adapted to an optimal use on the ground : with a size of 28 cm x 25.6 cm x 22 cm and a weight of 1.1 Kg. Relatively easy to use, it is designed for a very intuitive use.

Our added value : a highly adaptable offer

The main objective of our product : the CW-H10 rugged tablet combined with our services offering is got as close as possible to your core business. Indeed, our industrial tablet is already adapted to the health environment, but we can create a unique and customized product according to your specific needs in the field. Thanks to a selection of adapted options :

  • As a Smart-card reader to allow an optimal reading of your business cards or other badges,
  • An RFID / NFC reader to allow a follow-up of the file of each patient with an update in real time
  • Or even a stylet digitizer for greater convenience,
  • 4G LTE multi-operator capability with integrated GPS to allow you a speed in the loading of your data (designed specifically for trades that deal outside medical facilities),
  • A docking station to combine mobility and office automation, allowing a better ergonomics of the work and many other accessories…

In addition, YATOO adapt the CW-H10 to your presences because of its compatibility, this one can be available both on Windows 10 Pro and on Linux. YATOO ensures you with its rugged tablet COWORKER, a perfect security of all your data (confidential, patient, personal…), thanks to the pro card reader inserted in the CW-H10 tablet, as on all its COWORKER products and distributed brands.

The CW-H10 is a scalable solution : in case of insufficient ream or disk or chosen modules, YATOO can adapt the product for more performance. To honor your need at time T, YATOO has a stock available immediately in order to reduce your delivery times as much as possible. YATOO is sure of the effectiveness of its products.

Thus, its loan park is at your disposal so that you can test the product directly in the real conditions of your job.

Discover the product page of our medical tablets, below :