Ruggedized tablet, a constant revolution


A real element of our daily life, the digital touch tablets have come a long way since its creation in the late 80s, until today. Great revolution in the world of new technologies, it is required quickly as
a real fashion phenomenon in the 2010s, then as an everyday object for individuals and professionals.

But what exactly is a digital tablet ?

A Digital Touch tablet can be described as being as the perfect combination of a laptop and a smartphone. Indeed, we find there all the functionalities present on a laptop as well as the external design elements of a smartphone with its applications on the recent versions.

The first touch tablet was born is 1987, invented by an American company, it revolutionized handwriting by transforming it into digital characters. It was the first touch terminal computer without a keyboard, whose functions and design are similar to what we know today. Since that time, many tablets have been developed by the different brands present on the market. From the Newton Message Pad or iPad from the famous apple company, through the different versions of Windows, or also the Galaxy Tab by Samsung and many others, we can say that there is something for everyone, all budget and all needs, as the proposals on the market are so vast.

But in the 2000s, an important issue arose.

Consumer tablets are great, but what about their use by professionals ?

Indeed, there are many trades for which the use of a digital tablet would be a real asset because of its ease of use in the field, and it’s much smaller volume than a computer. But the digital touch tablet are still fragile objects whose use is limited to “classic” conditions of use and do not take into account hostile field conditions.

It is in this desire to provide solutions to this that Motion developed, in 2002, the Motion Computing M1400. Motion revolutionizes the digital tablet market by creating a ruggedized tablet that withstands shocks and hostile conditions. This rugged tablet will be a big hit with professionals, who, for the first time, will be able to use it directly in the field. Motion will then create numerous models with higher performance in terms of resistance to various types of tests,
while integrating the technological advances of the moment. In 2016, Xplore bought out Motion before being acquired itself in 2018 by American giant Zebra.

Today, many brands present their all-terrain rugged tablets models for professionals, the demand is increasing year after year. This is the case of the brand COWORKER created by the company
YATOO whose key word is adaptability.

But how the industrial tablet’s Coworker, do they manage to be in perfect agreement with the various trades, however numerous they may be.

Professionals have very specific needs, and the COWORKER brand has understood this ! Thus, it is in this perspective that it declines its multimedia tablets in many models.

The CW-H10 is perfect for the healthcare environment, with its practical design, it has a handle for an easy grip. Like all Coworker tablets, it is resistant to falls and shocks for a use in all tests without risk of breaking it. To refine the suitability as close as possible to the trade, many options are available to add, such as the smart card reader or the 4G LTE multi operator with GPS..

Other tablets are adapted to more industrial environments, as for the warehouse management
professions, this is the case of the CW-868. It has a handle at the back for optimal malleability, a

NFC/RFID reader for easy inventory management and many other integrated features and accessories.

There is also the CW-12 with its many built-in accessories such as the mobile docking station, the battery charger or the desktop station for a complete commodity.

To be as close as possible to the specificities of the various core businesses, YATOO creates a tailor-made solution for its customers, with accessories and options adapted to the missions of
professionals in the field. YATOO also make any type of modification upon customer request without any risk to the warranty.

Discover the catalog regrouping all our Coworker range below :