The development of telework and mobility in general requires an adaptation of means of data protection.

Indeed, connecting to public Wi-Fi hotspots like those of hotels, restaurants, etc. Allows to hackers use malware to extract a ransom, or obtain confidential information as identification data or simply trade secrets. Airports, train stations, where many professionals pass, are a wealth of information for confirmed hackers or simply for the “smart kids” that this game amuses.

Theft or loss of PC is another risk associated with mobility. If these situations were not anticipated, no appeal is possible. To prevent access to the content of the computer, various measures to secure access. A simple password is no longer enough.

CW-S10 tablet : ensuring your data is protection with TPM

At COWORKER, we are aware of the importance that the protection of your confidential data represents. With our CW-S10 tablet, with a TPM (trusted Platform Module) you no longer have to worry about the security of your sensitive data.

The TPM is a “cryptographic safe” which allows creating, manage and stare secret keys as well as very sensitive system data.

This component allows you to create a computing space completely separated from the operating system, and the access to this data is highly secured. In this way, we greatly improve protection of possible security breaches to the maximum, as well as a possible leak or loss of your data.

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