In the context of the economic crisis, social and increase of energy price, the energy consumption presents a real financial and environmental issue.  

The advertising messages are tendency to make believe us that the processors of the new generations are less energy guzzlers that the old generations.

Although the performance/power consumption ratio is better, the consumption of the latest generation processor is much higher than the previous generation.

For example : with a consumption of 4 Watts, the processor integrated in the tablet COWORKER® CW-10 Windows, is far from of the processor consumption of Core i5 of 12th generation, who goes up to 55 Watt, or nearly 14 times more.

According to a study of Electrical Power research institute (EPRI), the mobile devices actually consummate 590 Gigawatts by hour.

The sales of mass-market tablets crisis in the two next year will require in mondial level no less as one nuclear reactor 250 (Mega Watts) to provide the energy needed for recharging of the tablets.

In sight of this development and the actual situation, the importance of the chose a product adapted for his use and to make it last never made more wise.

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