What is the mastering ?

Let’s do a little reminder on what is the mastering before going deeper into the subject. As mentioned in our last article on the theme, the mastering consists in the implement of a master create upstream, on an informatics park, to make it homogenous.

Deploy a master : how is it working ?

During the process of simultaneously deploying many tablets (and/or computers) in the company (installation or replacement) the managers use a deployment “server”. This is a computer on which deployment software is installed (SCCM of Microsoft ; DSM of Synology ; Prodeploy of Dell) who are responsible for allocating the operating system (Windows, Chrome os, Linus, IOS), very software necessary for the operation of the company (commercial management, antivirus, messaging, etc…) but also the individual environment of each user (different profile : an accountant doesn’t use a same software than a commercial or a technician).

Security strategy and customization

Safety is not left out, as it she can also be deployed through user customization. Indeed, through the masterisation can fall into place a security strategy. We can deploy according to the users, their machine, with respect to specific rights assigned and defined at each of its last. In addition, some technical features of the toll informatics deployed are to be taken into consideration. Thus, a computer a desktop PC does not have the same characterize as a phone (battery energy management, automatic backup, Wi-Fi optimization etc.) or a tablet (touch screen ; additional buttons, active backlight management etc.) all these environmental parameters must be into consideration when building this master.

Mastering : what evolutions ?

Once the master implemented, it mustn’t remain fixed, it must live and evolve as the company evolves. The evolution of the software version, access rights, antivirus, but also hardware drivers that make up the computer deployed. These functions are provided by the Mobile Device Management (MDM), which allows managing a mobile fleet already installed such as ruggedized tablets, and ensures the update of the latter.

Yatoo will take care of your mastering

Your expert team will take care of the structure, organize and execute the entire creation process and deployment of your master, which not only allows to ensure delivery “turn-key” of equipment but also to ensure continuity with each new deployment.

Whether you have problems with battery life settings, of Wi-Fi (roaming Wi-Fi), or difficulties in the customization of the operating system (mode Kiosque), our technician finds solutions according to your needs.

Indeed, we adapt to the specifications defined and adapted the system according to the demands of our customers. The tablets are sent to you personalized and ready to use : a considerable time saving for your employees.

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