Ruggedized tablet : an overview of a sustainable investment

The industrial tablet, also known as a ruggedized tablet, represents a short term investment but a real source of profitability in the long term.

Explanation : as you’ll see, a rugged tablet is more expensive to buy than a consumer tablet. That’s because, the components and configuration options that make up a rugged tablet allow you to customize your tablet to fit your needs.

In addition, it is a product that lasts over time because it is designed to be resistant to any test, event the most difficult ones that may be imposed by the terrain.

The industrial tablet has been designed and tested to resist to shocks and falls. They can fall up to 100 times at heights from 1 meter, 1 meter 20, and 1 meter 50 for some of them.

All of our industrial tablets are rated with a Protection Index (IP) which is used to evaluate the resistance and waterproofing of the rugged tablet against external elements such as water or dust residue. If you want to know more about IP, click here.

In addition, our rugged tablet models are specifically designed for a core business. For example, the industrial medical tablet, the CW-H10, dedicated to the health professions, the CW-H10 can be fully disinfected.

It is also important to note that our rugged tablets are resistant to very large temperature variations. As a result, by choosing an industrial tablet over a consumer tablet, you are choosing durability, and therefore of the economy in the long term, in particular thanks to their resistance. Thus, the risk of having to renew your equipment for breakage due to falls/shocks or another will be greatly reduced with a rugged tablet.

Another advantage, but no of the least, the rugged tablet adapts to your working environment and field condition, which can sometimes be hostile.

Ruggedized tablet : a sustainable service offering

In addition to investing in a sustainable product, you will benefit from a reactive service, sustainable and our staff will be at your disposal to make the use of rugged tablet even more functional and simplified.

Yatoo adapt your industrial tablet as close as possible to your needs. In order to offer you a tailor-made solution, you will benefit including all the configuration options and the selection of accessories that accompany it.

Indeed, all our COWORKER solutions are scalable. Your needs change, your business changes, you need additional RAM, more space on your hard drive or a complementary module (barcode
reader, NFC, RFID…) ? YATOO can meet this new need for performance.

The roadmaps for rugged tablets are longer in time compared to a consumer tablet, this allows you, to harmonize your fleet if necessary.

To honor your needs at time T, YATOO has a stock in order to reduce your delivery time much as possible. To allow you to test the material before your purchase, we put at your disposal a loan park so that the ruggedized tablet is tested under the condition of your business.

Ruggedized tablet : various price rangers to meet different needs

YATOO offers serial ranges of rugged tablet with the main objective : performance.

It is in this process that the brand Coworker was born. This mid-range positioning offer you ruggedized tablets with the features you really need, according to your utility.

Depending on your use, we also have “high-end” solutions from the brand ZEBRA, to meet the most complex and multiple needs at the same time.

Discover the catalog gathering all our Coworker rang, below :